Key Facts

Ceresit GN

Concentrated Thick-Layer Leveling Compound

For 20 - 60 mm layer thickness in one single application



  • Concentrated: to be mixed with sand and gravel
  • Fast setting
  • Shrinkage-free
  • Especially suited for very uneven substrates


The new Ceresit GN is a cement-based compound designed to be mixed with 3/8" gravel and construction sand to increase volume, generating a shrinkage-free and self-leveling product to fill and level thicknesses ranging from 20 and up to 60 mm. It is necessary to crown the product with the recommended leveling compounds Ceresit DX XPRESS, DX or DM with a thickness of 4-5 mm.


Paper bag, 40kg

Shrinkage resistance

3 days: 55 Kg/cm2

28 days: 85 Kg/cm2

Yield (with aggregates)

2 Kg/m2 at 1mm thickness

Mixing ratio

11 L / 40 Kg Bag

Mixing volume (with aggregates)

60.4 L

Working time

Aprox. 20 min.

Setting time

Final: 240 min


4 - 5 h @ 20 mm thickness

Drying time for finish

Up to 20 mm: 1 day

From 20 - 40 mm: 2 days

From 40 - 60 mm: 3 days

Shelf life

9 months

Step by Step

Substrate preparation

The substrates must be clean, crack-free, sound, dry, and free of substances that may impair adhesion and must comply with the current relevant local standards. 

Before applying the leveling compound, pretreat the surface with the recommended primers Ceresit R 777 or Ceresit R 766. For further information, see the technical datasheet.

Proceed to take the levels and place references (“masters”) using Ceresit RS 88. The “masters” are placed at a rate of one for every 3 sq m (10.76 sq ft) approximately.



1. Turn the mixer on, adjust the speed to medium.

2. Wet the mixer container with clean water and drain completely before proceeding to the next step.

3. Pour 2 liters of clean fresh water into the container of the mixer.

4. Add a bucket and a half of sand (19 liter / 5.02 gal buckets) (48.0 kg / 105.82 lb) and mix 1 minute to achieve wetting of the sand.

5. Add a bucket and a quarter of 3/8 “ gravel (bucket of 19 / 5.02 lb) (32.0 kg / 70.55 lb) and mix for 1 minute.

Note: Review the recommended sand and pea gravel features in the section of important information in the technical datasheet.

6. Measure 11 liters (2.91 gal) of clean water and pour only 9 liters (2.38 gal) of it into the mixture. The remaining water (2 L / 0.53 gal) should be used to adjust the fluidity.

7. Empty a bag of Ceresit GN (40 kg / 88.18 lb) into the mixer and mix for 3 minutes.



Pour the self-leveling mixture by sections and uniform parts immediately in a given area depending on the expected performance and in accordance with the calculated thickness.

Distribute the mixture with a spiked roller on the surface repeated times in both directions.