RS 88 Rapid Repair Mortar

Key Facts

Ceresit RS 88

Fast Setting Repair Mortar

For 1 - 100 mm layer thickness in one single applicationProperties



  • High resistance of 400 Kg / cm2
  • For indoor and outdoor use / Horizontal and Vertical Areas
  • Fast setting


Ceresit RS 88 is one of the quickest and most flexible leveling compounds for screed repair. After just one hour, the floor is ready for the next steps. And by changing the amount of gauging water, the consistency of the compound can be adjusted from stiff and non-slump to paste-like and easily spreadable. 

RS 88 can be applied at a layer thickness of 1 to 100 mm in one application.  Thanks to its formulation, it dries fast and is rapidly ready for covering. In addition, it features low surface tension and high final strength.

RS 88 was designed for the renovation of partial areas in dry indoor rooms. The product is neither intended for full-surface renovation nor for use as a screed substitute or wearing surface.

Only apply RS 88 Repair Mortar on clean, solid and dry substrates that are free of cracks and substances which may impair adhesion. 


Paper bag, 25 kg

Shrinkage resistance

1 day: 200 Kg/cm2

28 days: 400 Kg/cm2


1.56 Kg/m2 at 1 mm thickness

Mixing ratio

Paste: 5.5 L / 25 Kg Bag

Grouting: 6.5 L / 25 Kg Bag

Mixing volume

15 L as paste / 16 L as grouting

Working time

Aprox. 15 min

Setting time

Initial: 10 - 20 min

Final: 20 - 30 min


20 - 30 min (2 mm thickness)

Drying time for finish placement

4 hours

Shelf life

9 months

Step by Step


For the preparation of a 25 kg (55.12 lb) bag, measure and pour 5.5 liters (1.45 gal) or maximum 6.5 liters (1.72 gal) of clean and fresh water in a 30-liter (7.93 gal) container. While stirring, slowly add a Ceresit RS 88 bag. To achieve the correct mixing of the product and ensure a good performance, it is necessary to use a mixer or a drill with 650 rpm-speed fitted with appropriate blades or disks.

Mix for 2 minutes, stop the stirring, scrape the walls and the bottom of the mixing container with a palette or wood paddle and mix for 2 more minutes until you get a smooth mixture free of lumps.

Avoid mixing more product than you can apply in maximum 10 minutes depending on room temperature conditions.


On horizontal surfaces: Pour the product and apply it by sections with metal wedges or spatulas. Evenly put pressure on the tool.

On vertical surfaces: Place the product on the selected tool and apply bottom-up with the tilt and pressure required.