Ceresit R 777

Key Facts

Ceresit R 777

Dispersion Primer

For absorbent surfaces and concrete floors



  • Binds residual dust
  • Closes screed pores and adjusts the absorbency
  • Powerful bonding bridge
  • Very high coverage


Ceresit R 777 is a very low-emission dispersion primer used as a bonding bridge for Ceresit leveling compounds on absorbent substrates such as cement screeds and concrete floors, calcium sulfate screeds, leveling compounds or dry construction boards.

Ceresit R 777 is not a barrier against moisture. For indoor use only.



Plastic canister, 10 L



Non-absorbent substrates: 10 - 12 m2 / L diluted 1:1 with water

Absorbent and porous substrate (concrete): 6 - 8 m2 / L diluted 1:1 with water

Absorbent and highly porous substrates: 5 - 7 m2 / L diluted 1:4 with water

Drying time


1 - 2 hours

Shelf life


12 months

Step by Step


Shake vigorously before use and then dilute Ceresit R 777 with water in a 1:1 ratio. Pour the dilution on the floor and distributing it evenly using a plush roller and a brush moving the roller crosswise. For highly porous and absorbent substrates apply a second coat of Ceresit R 777. In case of need, Ceresit R 777 can even be applied directly without dilution. Let dry 1 to 2 hours.