Key Facts

Ceresit Tapizol 1125

Tapestry Adhesive



  • Ready to use
  • Excellent adhesiveness
  • Easy to apply


Ceresit Tapizol 1125 is a water-based, white-color, smooth paste formulated based on PVA resins.

Its formula is special to adhere tapestry with cloth or paper support to walls, ceilings or columns with plaster finish, cement-sand, drywall, wood, etc.

The adhesive was designed exclusively for use in dry interior areas.


Plastic canister, 4L


3.5 - 4 m2 / L

Shelf Life 

12 months

Step by Step

1.Surface preparation.

The surface must be dry, smooth, clean and uniform. Damaged or poorly attached paint must be removed.

If the surface has irregularities, it must be leveled or patched with mortar or plaster. It is suggested to do it with the following repair mixture, as appropriate. 3 parts of plaster, 2 parts of water and 0.5 parts of Ceresit Tapizol 1125. For mortar, the recommended ratio is 4.5 parts of sifted sand, 1.5 parts of cement, 1 part of water and 1 part of Ceresit Tapizol 1125.

Application using wedge or spatula.

Note: Proportions are by volume.

Repaired surfaces must be dry and clean (dries approximately from one day to another, depending on the patching volume). If it is a new surface, to facilitate the application and improve the results of the adhesive, apply the primer Ceresit R 777, diluted 1 to 1 with clean water to seal the porosity of the substrate. Let it dry for 1.5 to 2 hours.


2. Application.

Apply a uniform layer of Ceresit Tapizol 1125 by means of brush, wedge or unnotched trowel on the canvas to be pasted. Paste the tapestry on the surface before adhesive dries. When Ceresit Tapizol 1125 is still wet, you will be allowed to move it by slightly moving the canvas so you can align the pattern of the tapestry.

Press and extend the tapestry with an unnotched trowel or wedge by sliding it on the canvas from the center toward the edges to avoid folds and air bubbles.